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Through our DevOps practice, Bulletproof design and implement a fully automated and continuous DevOps pipeline for your applications allowing you to continuously integrate, test and rapidly deploy application changes directly to AWS infrastructure using blue green deploy patterns.

illustration Bulletproof allows AWS to create infrastructure as code

DevOps for the Cloud

By implementing Bulletproof DevOps, you are rapidly increasing agility and speed of delivery, allowing your developers to focus on core activities (not infrastructure), along with ensuring a consistent and secure code release lifecycle.

Bulletproof act as a technical extension to your team. Partnering with us gives you the people, process and tools to develop a best practice DevOps solution for your AWS deployments and application release lifecycles.

Our DevOps Practice Implements

  • Automation from code commit through to deployment on AWS infrastructure
  • Continuous deployment across multiple code bases
  • Blue Green deploy patterns
  • Multiple sandbox environments to increase innovation and agility
  • Automated unit, performance and security testing of code changes
  • Integration across adopted CI/CD toolchains

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AWS Custom Solution Assembly

AWS provides the building blocks, and Bulletproof brings the expertise and experience to design and implement robust Cloud solutions embracing the AWS platform. We have deep experience in both cloud native application development, along with building infrastructure as code in order to maximise your Cloud investment through automation.

illustration of people consulting together on a cloud with a cog in it

Re-factoring vs Re-platforming

Re-platforming in essence, is re-implementing your current environment so that Cloud services are utilised, which replace servers where necessary. An example of this is replacing a MSSQL server with an AWS RDS Service. By utilising the AWS Platform Services the solution enhancing existing deployments through high availability, scale and automation. This is the natural progression to Cloud adoption.

Refactoring is the desired state of Cloud migration. Our professional services team assembles custom solutions, where your applications and environments are refactored to be cloud native from the ground up. This allows applications and environments to utilise platform services as opposed to traditional infrastructure services.


  • Use services not servers
  • Dramatically decrease TCO
  • Remove management overheads
  • Huge economies of scale
  • High availability and self-healing out of the box
  • Speed of delivery through agility
  • Limited moving parts
  • Unlimited environments


  • Consulting & Solution Architecture
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Management and SysOps

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At Bulletproof we view infrastructure as code, not as physical servers and tin sitting within a datacenter. In this new world of Cloud, traditional constraints of owning and manually maintaining hardware within data centers becomes extinct. To increase agility and robustness throughout the AWS platform, we strive to implement automation everywhere.

Cogs illustrate the efficiency of Bulletproof at automation

Ruthless Automation

We build systems where dev, test & staging environments run only for the designated timeframe that developers need it for. Gain the ability to run multiple sandboxed dev environments, for each product team.

There is no need for capacity planning for usage, growth, peaks and troughs as scale is on-demand and available when needed.

Code commits and code check ins, automatically roll through dev, test, staging and release into production via blue green deploy patterns without the need for manual intervention. Automation is fundamental for a solid DevOps pipeline.

Patching, backups and maintenance is automatic and transparent, there is no need for human interaction with any servers.

Governance, unified threat management and policy scanning is automated to proactively identify threats, changes and consistency throughout the platform.

How To Get Started

Bulletproof have implemented Cloud toolchains and designed Automation Cookbooks which are tested and proven templates to control the vast majority of AWS infrastructure. We can create custom cookbooks and automated controls tailored to your unique needs.

Talk to our professional services team today to see how you can benefit from adopting automation throughout your environment.

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Compliance and governance is imperative to companies which operate in credit card processing, healthcare, government and regulated verticals which ensure stringent compliance with the way data is stored, and infrastructure is run.

Cloud compliance badges giving showing ISO 270001, HIPAA, PCI DSS

Your Compliance Partner For The Cloud

We can build AWS Cloud infrastructure to comply with your specific industry needs. Along with initial design and implementation, through automation we proactively policy scan and enforce governance across AWS accounts and environments.

Compliance Standards

  • HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains strict security and compliance standards for organizations processing or storing Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • ISO 27001 – ISO 27001 is a widely adopted global security standard that outlines the requirements for information security management systems. It provides a systematic approach to managing company and customer information that’s based on periodic risk assessments.
  • PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) are strict security standards for preventing fraud and protecting cardholder data for merchants that process credit card payments.

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