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Soltius - Tainui SAP Cloud Deployment on AWS

About the Business

Soltius are New Zealand’s largest SAP system implementer with over more than 75% of the SAP market in New Zealand. Their customers span mid-market to enterprise organisations and government agencies including Chorus and the NZ Police.

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The Business Challenges

Traditionally SAP customers need to provision physical hardware and co-locate into a data center to host the SAP platform. This equals large capital expense (every 5 years) along with huge running costs and resourcing requirements just to keep the lights on.

The speed of ordering equipment and preparing a datacenter for an SAP installation usually takes months and once the hardware arrives it still an extremely time consuming process. Tainui wanted a fully fledged enterprise SAP deployment in 2 months, however they didn’t have the internal IT infrastructure to run the platform or the timeframe to invest and build one. This meant that they needed a low cost, fully managed infrastructure solution for them to run SAP for their mission critical enterprise fast.

The Bulletproof Solution & the Business Benefits

Bulletproof designed an AWS based Cloud Data Center environment using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud. This meant that the Data Center, Network and Server Infrastructure are all virtualized on Amazon Web Services, hosted out of the Sydney region. The deployment took less than a month from design through to deployment and readiness of the SAP deployment for Tainui to use. This solution means that the SAP solution is built within the aggressive timeframes, low cost, secure and completely managed and supported by Bulletproof.

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